Educational Materials

To assist the industry, the Gen-Z Consortium Technical Work Group Chairs have created a series of educational presentations. Each of the presentation decks linked below address unique areas of the released draft specifications.

Gen-Z Consortium has also released a collection of White Papers which can be found in the About the Technology section

Gen-Z Educational Materials:

Gen-Z Access Control  Gen-Z Architecture Attributes
Gen-Z Atomics  Gen-Z Bank and Component Media Structure
Gen-Z Buffer Operations  Gen-Z Capability-based Resource Access Control
 Gen-Z Coherency  Gen-Z Collectives
Gen-Z Component PA Structure  Gen-Z Control Space
 Gen-Z Daisy Chain  Gen-Z Data Integrity
 Gen-Z Destination Table  Gen-Z Identifiers
 Gen-Z Interrupts  Gen-Z Legacy Mechanical Enablement
 Gen-Z Link Flow Control Gen-Z Link Recovery
 Gen-Z LPD Overview  Gen-Z MMU and Memory Interleave
 Gen-Z OpClasses  Gen-Z Overview
 Gen-Z Packet Relay  Gen-Z Pattern Operations
 Gen-Z PLA and PHY  Gen-Z Precision Time
 Gen-Z Protocol Basics  Gen-Z Reads and Writes
 Gen-Z Scalable Connector  Gen-Z Security
 Gen-Z Strong Ordering Domains  Gen-Z Transparent Routers
 Gen-Z Unicast and Multicast  Gen-Z Virtual Channels
 Gen-Z Address Translation and Page Services  Gen-Z UE and ACKs